Obedience Training
for Puppies and Dogs of All Ages

“Learn to Live With Your Dog”

Leading Edge Obedience is the Pensacola area's premier dog training school. For over fifteen years, we have been helping individuals and families build successful working relationships with their canine companions.

Whether your goal is to teach your pet basic house manners, correct behavioral problems, enhance existing skills, or compete in dog performance sports, we will teach you to effectively communicate to your dog the information you want him to know. We employ positive motivation and reinforcement dog training methods that are not only fast, easy and effective, but fun and rewarding for both you and your dog.

We offer private fundamental obedience lessons and private advanced obedience lessons at the school. You can begin training your dog at any age, even as young as 8 weeks. So enroll now and let us help you build a more rewarding relationship with your canine companion.

Joanne Permowicz and Greg Feathers

Joanne Permowicz
Greg Feathers
Owners and Trainers